why is this happening to me

don’t you know which side I’m on?

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I guess I shouldn’t count on people anymore. 

It’s never really a two way street is it?

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my thoughts get too far from me; it isn’t even close.

are we at equal footing now?

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Why is it so easy to feel this and not speak it the same?
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When did I place such a high amount of value on your well being?

And since when was that not enough?

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it’s oddly domestic;

since when did we worry so much and since when did it stop being an issue and since when did words transcend themselves (and become irrelevant)? 

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Sweetheart, can’t stop thinking about the ridiculous things we have said.
Wondering if there was any truth to the joking flirtation and punchlines.

Wishing for the best moments to fall together and reading between the lines, avoiding the elephant in the room. I cry dreaming about the fallen days.

I glisten over the ghost of your hand and stay awake questioning why. Why over and over again.

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you couldn’t be bothered to remember so why did you even expect me to reciprocate in any manner or form if I could help it?

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